Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Maxine's BD: Vacations in Hungary

...Where young P. gets acquainted with her paternal grand-mother.

Is the author a slacker or a procrastinator?

Well, I've been sick (one thing after another) and then, I keep getting distracted by such activities as having to make a living (grrr...) when all I want to do is work on my creative projects.

Anyway, I have several stories down on paper and hardly any time to sit down and draw. This is crazy because working on this stuff is my absolute priority in order of importance, and yet, time after time, it gets relegated to whenever, if ever.
The same thing applies to my other blog, "The Hyphenate." Dozens of sketches have been scanned and are still waiting to be organized and posted.

Anyway, check out my Yeti on the "Maxine on the run" blog; it's pretty cute, in a rustic sort of way.