Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Maxine's BD: P.'s Life

...Where it looks like P. (aka Maxine) is ready to lose her mind. (ca. 02-03)


  1. I'm afraid my husband is looking at my messy housekeeping like this but I tell him he's got to go outside if he wants me to work inside. (He's retired). Sometimes things just pile up. Art kind of gets in the way of getting things done but then we have the art to show for it right? You have your journals which are wonderful. Clean the house tomorrow.

  2. Oh geez, this made me laugh! Now you've got me thinking about bitching in comic-book form because the little frames seem so perfect for it. Neat little bitching, all ordered and tidy. Forget the mess in the house, it looks like you've ordered your life.

    I'm so happy you directed me to your blog, its a hoot!